Month 4

  She’s got a lot more fun this month. She’s in a bouncer now & is actually playing with the toys.  She LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes and avocado. Adelah is currently making us read 2 books at a time because 1 is just not enough. She talks a storm and is trying to copy what I day but clearly, it’s just gibberish. Still no Mama … Continue reading Month 4

Our Christmas Tree

2017 Before & After Tree: $8.00 -Thrift Store Wood Stand: $5.00 -Thrift Store Deer, Roses, Snow Balls, Lights, Pink Ornaments & Gold decor: $80.00 -Norma Stones (Discounted Decoration Store) Pink Blanket: $12.00 – TJ Max This is the first time we decorate for Christmas because we did not have enough room before. We plan on buying next years decor in January when it’s all on … Continue reading Our Christmas Tree

Valentines? Check Yes or No.

Unlike most holidays I feel like you either celebrate Valentines… or don’t. Tons of people have different opinions about this holiday and I LOVE THAT! So what’s your answer? Yes or No?   To be quite honest Ruben and I have never made a big deal about Valentines day. From the beginning I told him I didn’t want to celebrate the hallmark holiday. As we … Continue reading Valentines? Check Yes or No.