California in February.

Our well needed get-a-way… Hello Cali!! As soon as we got there we got our rental car and Day 1 1st stop. Venice Beach … Muscle Beach We needed food so FATBURGER it is. Then of course Ice cream macaroon sandwich from Milk. Next… The museum You can’t do Cali without hollywood!   DAY 2 Breakfast at Coco’s Family Restaurant Because blocks away was DisneyLand. … Continue reading California in February.

“Blogmas” Day 17: Some December workouts

I joined a challenge this month…. and only lost 1 pound! I worked out almost everyday but ate CRAP!!!! Food is my biggest struggle and I don’t expect to lose weight until I can get my diet straight course that means no nachos, burgers, pizza, alcohol, & etc..   Here’s some proof of workout…       Continue reading “Blogmas” Day 17: Some December workouts

Day 3 in New Braunfels

Started my day out with a workout and got a beautiful view Explored a bit and found the reservation of Guadalupe (We almost booked these instead of the tree house) We planned to go kayaking but decided to make it a lazy day and stayed in most of the day… so what else to do besides take pictures!?!?! We found ourself at a pumpkin patch!!! When … Continue reading Day 3 in New Braunfels

Day 2 in New Braunfels

Started the day out with a long worth wild drive to Austin LAKE TRAVIS ZIPLINE!! We arrived early and they had plenty of things to entertain ourselves with We did a total of 5 Zip Lines The couples (The Girls) Like beer, beer? & We did 2 zip lines over Lake Travis Here’s the first 2! and of course I didn’t get the rest! 😦 … Continue reading Day 2 in New Braunfels