I was pregnant… then I lost it 😦 We were able to see our baby with a ultrasound and see a heart beat It all started off with spotting and ended up being something more like a period… on crack! The second I left the ER I started getting really hard cramps that felt like what I imagine contractions feel like… 2 days later at … Continue reading I WAS PREGNANT

Day 2 in New Braunfels

Started the day out with a long worth wild drive to Austin LAKE TRAVIS ZIPLINE!! We arrived early and they had plenty of things to entertain ourselves with We did a total of 5 Zip Lines The couples (The Girls) Like beer, beer? & We did 2 zip lines over Lake Travis Here’s the first 2! and of course I didn’t get the rest! 😦 … Continue reading Day 2 in New Braunfels

Biancadoes: Our Trip clips and our actual itinerary.

Here’s a little clip of our trip. What we actually did… because we rarely actually follow our itinerary. Wednesday: Day 1 Landed around 12:30 after only several hours of sleep because of last minute packing. As soon as we landed we took the Subway to Harvard Square where we got a lyft to our Airbnb. We go situated and went to Boston Square, walked to China town … Continue reading Biancadoes: Our Trip clips and our actual itinerary.

Biancadoes $5 Fitness class & Vlogs it

Hey Nuggets! I did it again, another Vlog! I also recorded one of my workouts! I am so proud of myself for actually doing it. I did cheat a little bit. My whole vlog is really just my Snap Chat story but who gives! I am trying to see how well it works! I hope to do a weekend vlog & hopefully it’s not from my Snap because … Continue reading Biancadoes $5 Fitness class & Vlogs it

Biancadoes a Vlog… kind of

So I have always wanted to vlog but the Snap Chat came along and that was it I FELL IN LOVE. But now I am trying to actually vlog because Snap Chats go away after 24 hours and then I can never re-see them. I know it’s not the best vlog ever but at least I started! I can not wait to see how much … Continue reading Biancadoes a Vlog… kind of