This anniversary was a BIG one! History On October, 1 2008 – Ruben asked me if I wanted to be his GF -I pretended not to hear him. On October, 2 2008 – He asked again & I said YES! On October 3rd –He asked what day it was…. JK! lol (Mean Girls reference) Seriously though… On October, 3 2015– We got Married! On October … Continue reading OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & THE PERFECT GIFT.

Biancadoes: Goes Dark

So about 2 weeks ago I decided to cut my hair, just enough to remove some of my dried hair. Well…. the lady got a little scissor happy! I hated it, loved it and then hated it again! I realized the length was OKAAAY but the color was questionable. It was too choppy for the highlight/ombre I had going on so i decided to dye … Continue reading Biancadoes: Goes Dark

Biancadoes changes her last name

For those of you that don’t know, Ruben and I got married October 3, 2015. However I still hadn’t changed my name until today! So now that I officially have his last name as my own on every important document, I figured I would show some pictures! Not all of them, of course because I have sooooo many! So instead, here’s a few of them … Continue reading Biancadoes changes her last name