This month has been EXTREMELY CRAZY! It started off with one of my closest friends getting married NOV 5th YES! Dey and Teddy finally got married! It was a beautiful small & intimate Mexican wedding. (Take a moment to appreciate her beautiful bouquet. I made it. ) ELECTION DAY November 8th Took me a couple of days to mourn. Bestie Date Day – Thursday November … Continue reading BIANCADOES A CRAZY MONTH OF NOVEMBER

Biancadoes: Goes Dark

So about 2 weeks ago I decided to cut my hair, just enough to remove some of my dried hair. Well…. the lady got a little scissor happy! I hated it, loved it and then hated it again! I realized the length was OKAAAY but the color was questionable. It was too choppy for the highlight/ombre I had going on so i decided to dye … Continue reading Biancadoes: Goes Dark

Biancadoes Carb Cycling

When I started training at Savage Training they suggested that I start carb cycle-ing. I “Couldn’t do it” because I love food. I saw everyone’s results with it but I know it was tons of work & it is. But even though I have been working out sometimes 2 times a day and eating better I managed to gain weight so I figured I should … Continue reading Biancadoes Carb Cycling

Biancadoes Challenge Update

So we all know I am new at this whole blog thing but you guys… I am doing so good at my challenges! Trying to look good: I am still looking BLAH during the week but I have gotten so better at putting on makeup!!!!! I look super cute on the weekends. 😉 I also started going to Boot Camp with a friend of mine. … Continue reading Biancadoes Challenge Update