This anniversary was a BIG one! History On October, 1 2008 – Ruben asked me if I wanted to be his GF -I pretended not to hear him. On October, 2 2008 – He asked again & I said YES! On October 3rd –He asked what day it was…. JK! lol (Mean Girls reference) Seriously though… On October, 3 2015– We got Married! On October … Continue reading OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & THE PERFECT GIFT.

Month 4

  She’s got a lot more fun this month. She’s in a bouncer now & is actually playing with the toys.  She LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes and avocado. Adelah is currently making us read 2 books at a time because 1 is just not enough. She talks a storm and is trying to copy what I day but clearly, it’s just gibberish. Still no Mama … Continue reading Month 4