I am still pretty new at blogging but hope you like what you see enough to follow me. ♥


Clearly my name is Bianca. As a first time blogger I’ve decided to blog about EVERYTHING in my life. I am an open book and have always been this way. I am 23 years old and I married my High School sweetheart Ruben. I have 2 dogs; a 3 year old pit bull Mix Ezra and our puppy is a corgi and dachshund mix Kitty. We also have two bearded dragons Mojito and Coors ( They are brother and sister) My favorite drink is a Mojito and since I am just throwing all kinds of random things out…. I am 5’6, Hispanic and from Texas.  My favorite superhero is Black Canary although I am more like Huntress #TEAMDC. I AM SUPER ADDICTED TO SNAPCHAT! I absolutely love music and singing even though I couldn’t sing to save my life. In fact if I had to try to sing to save my life they would probably shoot me! I am not one of those people that get 100’s of likes on Instagram or Facebook. As a matter of fact i’m lucky to get 30, but I POST WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT.

If you haven’t noticed my mind is EVERYWHERE -it’s possible that I have ADD so possibilities of what I will blog are endless.  I love to workout but I struggle with my weight because I LOVE FOOD! I love to travel, in fact that is the only reason I do not have kids yet. Honestly I am clueless to where I am headed but I am up for the challenge!  I am looking forward to blogging, vlogging and youtube-ing some great things! Make sure you follow ME! You won’t want to miss out!

Here are some more pictures just because I look at pictures on peoples blogs more than I actually read.




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