Month 4


She’s got a lot more fun this month. She’s in a bouncer now & is actually playing with the toys.  She LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes and avocado. Adelah is currently making us read 2 books at a time because 1 is just not enough. She talks a storm and is trying to copy what I day but clearly, it’s just gibberish. Still no Mama or Dada but I think she might be there soon. Ice cream is helping her with her soar gums and she is waking up when her dads alarm goes off for work or occasionally once during the night.


Here are some pics of her…


After bath time 🙂 


Playing with my makeup brushes

Playing in her newborn swaddle.


What I come home to everyday after work.

Playing with her new friend Everly


Borrowing CJs Walker


Swim time with Mama


Matching Mama on Mothers day.


Eating Avocado & loving it!



See ya next month!




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