Month 3

So much has happened in month three; she is growing so fast I want to cry! She is trying to sit up now & she actually grabs her toys and swings them uncontrollably. She started staring at us while we eat an smacks her lip (It’s worse than when dogs look at you)! It makes me so uncomfortable so I gave he a taste of the baby sweet potato & even let her have some organic pedialyte which helped her start pooping more often! YAY!! This was my last month off so we went to the park more frequently, hung out with friends, went to a baseball game, even went to the zoo & met our new friend Everly.

I went back to work a week before she turned 3 months. (Well Wed, Thursday & Friday) I did this because I wanted to ease in back into work and not just go 5 days straight without seeing her. I thought I was going to cry, but I actually didn’t! I had a friend watch her and she sent me snaps every hour which helped A LOT. I always suggest my new mommy friends to do this just to make it easier!

3 Months: 26 inches & 14.5 pounds

See our pictures taken during out 3rd month.


Just a family selfie!


We took some pictures for Mothers Day

Adelah - Copy


We went to the Zoo!


& met Mr. Turtle





My friend had a baby & the trio is complete! 

Welcome Everly Mae!


We went to our first baseball game and even saw our first fireworks!




Gave Dada kisses after out bedtime story ♥


& took some pictures for Cinco de Mayo 🙂



See ya at our 4 month check in!


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