My Labor & Delivery

A week early and a C-Section!


Just a normal Day

It started out like a normal work day but at 8am I started getting what I thought were braxton hicks. I started timing them and they started 10 minutes apart but got closer together as the time went on. I noticed that when I was busy they weren’t as intense so i stopped timing them until after lunch. After lunch I started timing them because they got more intense as the day went on but then stopped because the more I focused on them, the worse they hurt. I was texting Ruben throughout the day and he suggested I go home early so I left work just a little early so I could beat traffic home.

Once I got home and took a shower we headed to the hospital. Halfway there I told Ruben it was probably just a false alarm because they didn’t feel s mad anymore. We almost turned around and went home but he said we should double check just in case.

We got to the hospital, they made me pee in a cup and get undressed. They checked me to see how dilated I was… not only was I in tears but I was also dilated to a 4. After that a doctor came in to check on the baby, who was still breeched and told me, ” Okay, we are having this baby today.”

Adelah was breeched and was not gonna turn because she was over 10 pounds and didn’t have enough room. It all happened so fast! Within the next 20 minutes I was in the operating room getting the epidural to have my c-section and I WAS FREAKING OUT!


When they had me sit at the end of the bed to put in the epidural I was freaking out! I hugged the nurse and started tellimg her how scared I was. Then I felt the pinch, of course the whole time they were telling me what they were doing but it still freaked me out! I was not calm at all and I am VERY JUMPY! They kept telling me to calm down and to be still but I was FREAKING OUT! Finally I just excepted it and hugged the nurse hard. I started feeling numb seconds later and they had me lay on the table while they prepped and cleaned me.


I swear I could feel it! While they were cutting me open I felt the cut and then the rest was pretty numb, I could tell what they were doing to me because I watched tons of videos so I kind of knew what they had to do. BUT THEN, they started tugging me because she was breeched and I assume not sliding out like normal babies that are at least head down. ( This whole time I am telling Ruben how freaked out and nervous I am) and then they start trying to get her out. I assume she’s too big because I could feel that the initial cut being cut even bigger. At this point I am practically almost screaming that I could feel it. The nurses are telling me that it’s just pressure (Pressure means pain). Then she was out they were saying how big she was and saying she had tons of hair. I was like why is she not crying!? Why is she not crying!? YALL! I WAS FREAKING OUT! Then they showed her to me for like 2 seconds and took her away to wash her up. Ruben went with her while they sewed me up. I could feel the pressure from them taking out the placenta and that was it.

They put her on me while they pushed us to hour room before “our actual room” and we were in there for about an hour. A nurse came in to push out my belly and… Blood came out of my vag! This was crazy to me! I did not want a c-section so I did not do too much research on it so I was pretty surprised when I was bleeding!

This whole thing happened in less than an hour! We checked into the hospital  at 5 and we were in a room waiting to go to our actual room before 6!


Keep an eye out for my post on post c-section!

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