Month 2

This month she did a lot more than just eat, sleep, poop and cry. She got on a routine and started sleeping through most of the night. She goes to sleep around 9:30 and does not wake up until 4:30-5 for a feeding. She then and goes back to sleep until about 8:30. I am so grateful for she loves sleep so much.

This month she started moving a lot more… the last week of the month she started reaching for the toys on her mobile and kicking them and smiling. It was soooo cute! I also noticed that she squirms around on the bed so we have to be a lot more careful with her so that she doesn’t fall off the bed. She also can sit and watch tv or be entertained by movement and colors for a while. She is lasting a lot longer during tummy time and

2 months:  23 inches and 13 pounds

Here are some pics of her ♥

Her first Saint Patricks Day

Just trying on her outfit that her God Mother got her ♥


Her Wonder Woman Doll came in!


We have been able to get out more so we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for a walk and took some pictures with the Blue Bonnets.


Her new Dolls of us ♥


Adelah made friends at our Mommy and Me class.


And she posed for her easter pics.


She has God Parents 🙌🏽

Just some pictures I took of Adelah at home.

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