Third Trimester

Week 27-40

I thought I was doing this to keep track of my symptoms but as I read over it I realize it’s just me complaining about my symptoms…. Ooops!

She Kicks!

She kicked in the second trimester but I never really saw them because they were all below the belly button and they kind of tickled. Around week 30 I could see them without even trying  I eventually saw her go from one side of my belly to the other… They didn’t tickle anymore… in fact sometimes they hurt.


Morning/Night sickness is gone. But of course it only means we get another symptom and mine is Heartburn. Do I really need to go into detail!? IT BURNS! I only got it during week 36 until 38 so I know I shouldn’t complain. BUT HERE I AM… Complaining!


She does not like it. At week 27 every time I walked longer than 10 minutes straight she would get in a huge ball and I would have to take a break. People told me it was better to walk through it so I would do that as much as possible. Honestly I had to stop to take a break, usually because my whole belly would tighten up.

Contractions AKA Braxton Hicks

I thought I had them at week 28 BUT I KNEW NOTHING! It wasn’t until Week 31 that I had an intense one. They started at work and went on for about 5 hours. It was a pinching pain that went off every 10 minutes, I literally cried at work! Then they changed. Around 36 weeks the braxton hicks felt more like pulsing nerve pain in my lower back.


I was hungry ALL THE TIME! I blew up so fast & all I wanted was carbs! Especially at week 37,  I would eat my plate and even ask Ruben for some of his because I was still hungry. The stretchmarks multiplied during the last trimester.

Belly Button

IT’S STILL AN INNIE! Thank God, Buddha, Allah, Genetics, Thank you all!


I peed, laughed, cried & threw up all at the same time at week 30 & it was embarrassing!


It started at Week 32! I started having to pee every hour. It also started taking me an hour or 2 in order to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Some days were worse then others but then some days I did not even feel pregnant! Towards the end (37 weeks) I had days where I did not think I was going to make it! I wanted to go in and just have them induce me! Then the next day I felt like I could run a marathon! walk more than a mile! Days like this was normal towards the end, I either felt great or felt like I wanted to get her out already!

Rib Pain

Apparently it’s normal to have rib pain, I’ve heard of the baby kicking your ribs & that causing pain & I had rib pain but it was just from my muscles separating from week 32-34 but at this point the SPD was gone! My pubic bone no longer felt like it’s separating, at 36 weeks I got another pain on my pubic bone, it was more like pressure though it made me waddle and take a couple of minuted to get off of the bed.


I had so many dreams about  random things, family, friends, Ruben cheating on me. At the beginning I would wake up crying or mad at him but after a while I was like… I don’t even care! It got annoying that even in my dreams when he cheated on me I did not even care, I would tell him to just leave me already! That’s pretty bad!

Labor Fear

Labor did not scare me at all. I watched videos and even saw the doctors sew up my sister after her c-section. Then I started getting scared of having to get a c-section so I watched  a video…. because once you see your fears it gets easier… LIES! I was not scared until I saw the C-section video at week 31. All I prayed for was a natural birth! I started watching videos and listening to peoples horror stories. I spent my whole last trimester praying for a vaginal birth.

At my 36 week appointment she checked me! It was mortifying and painful, I cried like a baby! I left the office terrified to get checked! She said she would not have to check me until my 38 week appointment although I was dilated and my cervix was soft, it was still pretty high. I got home and looked up remedies and things to do in order to not be in so much pain! If I could not handle getting checked how could I handle labor!? I found a midwife who held classes and I signed up for one. She taught us workouts, set us on a bedtime routine and taught us things to help us prep for labor. She even taught us things to do while in labor to help subside the pain. THE BEST $75 I HAVE SPENT MY WHOLE PREGNANCY!


I loved being pregnant but only because I love having someone with me 24/7. I tried to enjoy this last trimester as much as possible because I knew that once she was out she would no longer be able to be with me all day. I already missed her being inside of me and she was still inside of me! Another thing I am going to miss is having Ruben shave my legs & hoo-ha! He started shaving me around 32 weeks because at that point by belly was already pretty big.

Pregnancy Brain… is it real or am I just forgetful?

I’ve locked ourselves out of our bedroom, I’ve left candles, heaters, my iron and my straightener on all day. I have got out of my car leaving my keys in the ignition (That is actually something I always do though.)

Carpal Tunnel.. FUCK YOU

Carpal tunnel during pregnancy is a thing! Luckily I only got it while I was asleep. It was still painful though! I would wake up with a numbing & nerve pain and crying! Some days I only woke up about 2 times with pain and others it was an

Smell / Discharge?

No one has ever talked about this! But when I asked friends who had a baby… they said it happened to them to! Okay, so at 36 weeks I started having this smell….. down under. It’s like a….. sweet/musty smell. Its UN-explainable really. Some people say it smells peachy…. I did not think so! BUT WTF! So yeah that happened. Then at exactly 37 weeks I got this clear discharge… but was it my mucus plug or was it just discharge?! There is so much going on below and everything is considered “normal” even though it feels like it may cause the end of the world!

Belly, can you get out of the way!

My belly just got in the way of EVERYTHING! I even grazed it with the fence, banged it against my desk at work and Ruben even rolled over it in bed. Because the belly is so tight, it is sensitive so anything rougher than a soft rub can hurt. I made sure to get a belly cast done so I can remember how big my belly got.


Feb 3rd @ 38 weeks and 3 days! It literally looks like if I had a runny nose and blew my nose. As if I had a little tiny bit of blood but was mostly clear booger. THATS WHY IT’S CALLED A MUCUS PLUG. DUH!

Weight Gain

From 25 pound to 50 pounds. YesI gained 25 pound in my third trimester! I didn’t even know it was possible!


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