Traumatized at 36 weeks.

At my 36 week appointment… The appointment where she checks you vaginally….

Ruben and I went in a and got a sonogram then went in to meet the doctor.

My doctor looked at my sonogram results, looked at me and said, well, looks like she is weighing 7.6 oz…..  Then gave me this worried face.

She should be gaining a pound a week after this so if she makes it to her due date she will be over 10 pounds…

She then had me lay down and checked me vaginally….

First she says…. well, you’re dilated on the outside… lets see.. HOLY FUCK!

She shoved her hand up my vag! I tensed up & start crying! I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN!

She pulls her hand up and says well…. your cervix is soft but it’s high so if I check it, it’s going to be painful. AT THIS POINT I AM CRYING! I have not been scared AT ALL! Although I had tons of crappy pregnancy symptoms for some reason I didn’t think just getting checked this much, i’m not sure why? The same thing happen when I got a pap smear!

She then suggest I get a membrane sweep at 38 weeks. She explained it a bit & soon after we were out of our doctors office. I LEFT TRAUMATIZED & LITERALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!!

I went home and rested, I started looking up membrane sweeps and watching videos of people delivering babies! And I saw one with a Douala. Of course she looked helpful so I looked them up because I wanted one! BUT HOLY SHIT $$$$! So I looked up classes that can help teach you things you could do during pregnancy.

I found a midwife and signed us up for a prep class. 

We learned so much! She taught us workouts, massages and things to do before bed to help relieve pain and to help ease the pain. She even taught us things to do during labor to help subside the pain before getting the epidural. She was very informative and it was the best $75 I spent the whole pregnancy! We left the class not only smarter and more relaxed but we also left with a rebozo, a foam roller and some massage balls she taught us techniques with so we could use during labor and days leading up.

This class helped Ruben and I get in a routine before bed. Our routine consist of a shower, some supported squats, massages, stretches, some rebozo techniques and then finishing the night with Ruben reading a bed time story to Adelah so she could start recognizing his voice.


I would definitely recommend anyone who is scared of labor to take some kind of prep class or even watch some videos on YouTube. The class helped Ruben get more involved and I think my 36 week appointment scared him because after that appointment he started catering to me. I think him seeing me in that pain made him realize that this was not going to be pain free or easy for me.



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