Hello 2018: New Years Resolution?!

Lets call it a goal?!

Is this something I want to do? NO!


 Last year I did not do one & I had a crazy, emotional, shitty then amazing year.


So let’s see if having a Resolution helps!

Last year I isolated myself from everyone because I was sad & depressed from the miscarriage. Then once I was pregnant again (I spent almost 8 months out of the damn year pregnant) I ended up being a boring pregnant girl. I just loved staying home and didn’t really want to hang out with anyone. Well… NOT THIS YEAR.

This year I am going to throw myself on people!

I don’t know how this is gonna help because it’s not just me!

It will be Ruben and Adelah I have to throw on people too!

But I think it’s necessary!

I really missed hanging out with friends and family and feel like this year will be the year to re-connect with them more than ever before.

Let’s see how this goes!

Wish me luck, lets hope this helps us have a great year… even if I annoy people.







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