Adelahs Baby Shower

We had everything you need at a baby shower…

A Baby!



Game & Things to do

My favorite was the decoration station, I stole this from Grey’s Anatomy

I also gave floral headbands and crowns to people who wanted them.img_0352


We did the yarn measurement game…


& I was too busy to get pictures of all the games but we played guess how many cotton balls are in the jar, drop a lemon in an egg holder, clothes pin grab and hot potato.


We had pizza, sandwiches, chips, fruit and cakes….. Yeah, I forgot to get pics of that too.

Gifts… and lots of them!



It was a Christmas / Bohemian theme thrown by my mother.


A Spoiled Baby

I literally almost started crying when I was opening the gifts but didn’t want to be a baby. Adelah is already so spoiled and lucky to have so many people that love her. I could not wish for better friends or family!


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