2nd Trimester Shenanigans

I was so excited to enter my second trimester because from what I heard… It all gets better after the 1st trimester…. LIES AGAIN!

But some stuff did get better… just not everything!!!  Okay, now lets get to the details!



It’s a girl!

Technically you could find out at 12 weeks what the sex of the baby is or maybe even earlier with blood work but we decided to wait until our 18 weeks appointment to find out the sex. It was such a beautiful moment for us. Having a gender reveal obviously crossed our mind but it is so common and it is such a “thing” we decided to just find out with a sonogram & we do not regret it! It was a moment between just us two and I would totally suggest everyone else doing it this way too.

The Pressure:

At around 13 weeks I was living at my Moms because we were remodeling and I almost slipped, I lost my balance but got lucky and caught myself. I got an instant pain on my pubic bone and it literally felt like my pubic bone cracked down the middle. I googled it and it’s a thing! SPD: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, it feels like my pubic bone is bruised! and as time went on the pain only got more intense. It is worse when I am trying to switch positions in bed to fall asleep. I tell myself the pressure is just to prepare me for when she is ready to come out but WHO KNOWS!

The Morning AKA All Day Sickness:

It got worse! In fact even now in my 3rd trimester… I am still throwing up! It was at least twice a week up until I hit my 20 weeks! Some weeks were better than others but once I hit my 20 weeks it got increasingly better and I went from throwing up multiple times a week to only once a week.

Nipple Pain

It didn’t go away, and even though it was annoying AF, at least it was a sign I was still pregnant!


OH MY GOD!!!! From about week 12 to week 20 it all changed dramatically! But for those 8 weeks I had a migraine once a week! When you’re pregnant you are allowed to take medicines such as Tylenol but I am not a fan of medicine and typically just let whatever sickness or pain run it’s course. Scents seem to trigger my headaches. I can smell everything 20x’s stronger! At first I get a head ache and then it hits my stomach. & that’s the end! I end up throwing up multiple times and of course this triggers migraines. It feels like I actually threw up more my second trimester than my first. The first month I was nauseous but I could just stuff some bread in my mouth and that would take it away. Not this time.What did I do to help it?! Essential oils, caffeine (coke), naps, bubble baths, Gatorade and I even blacked out the bedroom. A mix of all these, the pain typically lasted for 12-24 hours. I remember laying in the bath with a Gatorade, a wet towel over my head to cover my eyes & of course pure silence. I would cry & tell myself…. it’s going to pass! This pain will go away! Crying did not help, it only made it worse and sometimes I would have to get out of the tub to throw up and then return to the tub directly after. My baths usually lasted 1-3 hours and I sometimes even took a nap in the tub. I remember waking up and the pain being gone completely, it was amazing!!! As long as my nap was up to 4 hours the pain was relieved enough to let me function!

The only time I missed work was when I went home for lunch to take a nap with a migraine & when it was time to go back to work I threw up all over myself. Yes! I cried like a baby, called my boss and did not return to work. It was the first and only time the whole pregnancy that I missed work and luckily it was only 4 hours.




Belly Bump

My belly bump has arrived and everyone wants to touch it. To be honest… I have a thing with belly’s and belly buttons and I don’t want anyone touching mine, nor do I want to touch anyone’s. But especially after having a miscarriage I feel like I should appreciate the fact that I can have a baby and let people enjoy the pregnancy with me. Sometimes I karate chop peoples hand away until I realize what I did so I end up letting them touch me after explaining that i’m not a fan. This may change & I may actually like people touching me once my belly gets hard but until then… I hate it.


Heart Beat

My heart beat is so strong. If I close my eyes and focus I can hear it. I can even see it in my belly when I lay down and can feel it in my thighs when I touch them. It’s beautiful, crazy and kind of freaks me out sometimes. Some days when I am trying to sleep I can hear my heart beat so loud that it sounds like a drum. At first I thought it was her heartbeat but after doing some research it’s actually mine, it is just magnified because of the increased blood flow.


20 Weeks:

I know everyone says the second trimester is so much better it is like night & day! Well for me that was true but it was not until week 20. After that I truly started enjoying my pregnancy.

The Dreams: 

The good and bad

Good: I saw her! I SAW MY BABY! During the 2nd trimester I had about 3 dreams where I was actually holding her!!! She is everything I ever imagined and every time I saw her she looked about the same. I can not wait to see her so I can see if my dreams were accurate!

Bad & Scary: 

I also had nightmares! I had dreams where she literally tore through my belly to come out, some where she came out missing fingers and dreams where labor did not go great & I ended up having to get a hysterectomy mixed with all kinds of other scary stuff. Most of them was me going into labor at home and having to deliver her myself. One day I remember waking up crying so bad that I even woke up Ruben…. I had  other random nightmares but those were nothing compared to the ones related to my baby.

The cravings:

Milk, Oranges or Orange Juice and spicy stuff.

Heart Burn:

I’ve never had heart burn so… HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! It felt like I had a 50 pound weight on my chest! I felt so bad I felt like I was having a heart attach or stroke! I never felt that pain so in my mind I was dying! I am not even being dramatic, I even went to CVS to get my blood pressure checked & I seriously thought I was going to have to be taken to the hospital. It was not until I told my mom about the pain and she laughed and told me it was just heart burn. Yes, I felt stupid after that but still felt like shit! To help my heart burn all I did was drink milk and go to sleep and when I woke up it was gone.

My Belly Button:

I HATE BELLY BUTTONS and pregnant belly buttons freak me out! So all I want during my pregnancy is for my belly button to stay an innie & so far IT’S STILL AN INNIE!!!

My Stretch Marks:

I already had stretch marks so getting stretch marks was not one of my biggest concerns. I have them and I knew I would get them, I still use tons of oils & lotions and put them on  about 2-3 times a day but am still getting them. I only had stretch marks on my sides and hips from when I hit puberty but the belly ones came around 20 weeks.



Swollen / Numbness:

I only got this sensation twice so it was not a HUGE deal  during my second trimester but it was still something I had never heard of. I did not really get swollen but I did get this pain under my knuckles and once in my toes & foot. It felt like a mixture of them being asleep and them having liquid in between the joints. It was very painful, all I could do was squish my hand or foot in order to relieve the pain. I still don’t know what caused it or what it was but IT WAS HORRIBLE and I am glad it just happened twice!



Oh brother, I have has sinus issues since October and even now in December they have not gone away or got any better! It’s quite annoying but I guess my immune system being lower than usual is making it harder and taking longer for my body to get over them.

Weight Gain:

25 pounds.

Like everyone else I hope to gain 30 pounds max but I know my body so my realistic goal was no more than 50 pounds. I am aware some people gain 100+ pounds so I wanted to set a realistic goal, so far I am doing good, lets just hope that doesn’t change this last trimester. 50 pounds might sound like a lot but I have always been thicker than most and my body is definitely not a small frame.


Her Name: Finding out the gender means we get to pick a name & we went with

Adelah Rex Ortiz


Adelah- is Ariels older sisters name from The Little Mermaid. It is spelled Adela but I decided to spell it differently.

Rex- I’ve always liked Rex as a name but thought it would be cute as a middle name for her.


I am still anti-social, I don’t want to see people. I am fine staying home and doing nothing! It’s so unlike me but I secretly love it!!!

The Honest Truth

This second trimester has been one of the hardest times for me. I am not sure if it’s just fear of change, hormones or what!? But our relationship as husband and wife was on the rocks during month 4&5. This is not something people usually share, including me! No one wants to share the ugly but I literally wanted to leave him.. and I think he wanted to leave me too. I know, it’s crazy! Ruben and I have been together 9+ years and have never been this bad. I felt like we were just at different stages of our life. At this point I feel like a mom, I realized I do care what people think of me and I don’t feel like going out is acceptable when I have a huge pregnant belly… I feel like it’s time for me to calm down, stay home, prepare my home for my baby and honestly my whole world has already begun to revolve around my baby girl. Ruben on the other hand… and I don’t think it’s necessarily bad BUT I feel like in his mind… this is the last couple of months that he can actually go out, drink and be a 24 year old! Ruben is not normally like this, anyone who knows Ruben knows he’s a home body. He loves being home and is just a chill guy. He has fun watching TV, being on his phone and napping so it was a complete flip and I honestly completely understood him because he is not carrying this baby and is trying to get it all out of his system while he still can. But when your going through it and are the one in the relationship it feels like the end of the world. Especially when you are pregnant, over dramatic and extra sensitive like me! Pregnancy has completely changed me as a person and I hope it is just for the time being. I feel like being alone, I normally find every reason to leave the house and go with friends or just be anywhere but home. So Ruben and I have completely flopped and it took a toll on our relationship. We eventually worked past it but this was the last thing I expected to deal with while being pregnant. It’s something I expected a boyfriend & girlfriend to go through… not a married couple. Now being almost completely passed – I say almost because I still want to be a homebody and he still wants to go out. We have gotten better and compromise more, that seems to be working out for us. Month 6 was a lot better and even now in month 7 we have been getting along great… FINALLY!



Time is flying! It feels like forever but is also going so fast!!!!

Entering the 3rd trimester! The end is near!


The end is coming!



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