Before I go on and explain my whole pregnancy keep in mind that this is just my story and what I went through. Everyone is different and everyone’s pain tolerance is different. When I am on my period I have no symptoms and no cramps… don’t hate me just yet!  I know I am probably rare. I have never stained anything, had back or stomach cramps, no stabbing sensations, no headaches or migraines NOTHING!

I feel ya! 

Girls! I now feel for you because since day one of my pregnancy I have had it all!!!!! Well… technically 2 days after having sex! We did IT on a Monday night and by Wednesday I was already having fertility pains.

Within the 1st 4 weeks I already had back cramps, abdominal cramps and lets not forget morning sickness! The best way to describe one of the pains was literally getting stabbed by an imaginary knife! I was literally thinking someone must have a voodoo doll of me and is stabbing me RIGHT NOW! Its so sudden so I would be sitting, minding my own business and SURPRISE!!! VAGINA STAB! In order to release back pressure and my back pains I literally had to sit down like this…


Morning sickness 

My morning sickness was easily fixed! I found out fast that bread was an instant fix for my morning sickness. Although I knew this would MAKE me gain weight fast I had to in order to not feel like throwing up which is something I could not do since I had just started a new job. Oh yeah by the way. I got my new job an literally 3 days lter is when I got a positive pregnancy test.

Cotton mouth

This is a pregnancy symptom! I have had it since week four & it makes me so thirsty ALL THE TIME!!!

I cried like a little bitch

The first month I was so sensitive! I literally cried during every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Then I would just wake up crying for no reason! Ruben would literally hold me as if I was a baby! Luckily that wore off as we got to the second month. I had days where I was sensitive but it was only like once a week versus every day.

Weight gain

By the end of the first trimester I was up 8 pounds… That’s double what your supposed to be. It also didn’t help that I didn’t workout even though I am used to it because when my last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, I was criticized by many people that it was because I did not give up my regular workout routine. So this time I gave in to the people and did not workout. THIS I REGRET NOW! I wish I would have just sent a big F-U and done my own thing. But I started walking at least 3-4 days a week after week 10 because those are the most sensitive weeks in your pregnancy… or so I read.


I have not been able to eat anything green… lettuce, spinach, even avocado! I know! It only started with greens. Later included chicken nuggets (which I am obsessed with) then other various meats. Most fast food Mexican places are a NO! But I can definitely do a burger :). I feel like I can taste chemicals in most fast foods.


It didn’t take me long to realize that Wednesdays were not my days. I am not sure why but every Wednesday I throw up or feel like I have been run over! This is also the day I turn a new week pregnant so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it?

I want to stay home!

I do not want to see or do anything! I have had friends want to hang out or go out and I do not want any part of it. I just want to stay home and do nothing with my tummy. Partly because I have no energy but also because… I just don’t want to. Growing up a lot of my friends started having babies and to be honest I slowly stopped hanging out with them. I figured they have a whole new chapter going on and I am sure they are busy. Several of my friends have brought it to my attention saying they got pregnant and I disappeared. I didn’t mean to disappear but now that I am going through it I realize that it’s probably because that’s what I expect. It could be that but I also feel hideous some days and I just don’t want to have to put on make up or dress up. I just want to stay in my jammies & do absolutely nothing! I have for sure become anti social this pregnancy!


I love beer and alcohol but to be honest I do not crave or want it. Every so often I sniff my husbands breath when he goes to sleep after a beer or 2 because I do love that smell. I always have and I am surly loving it now. In fact I am shocked that I haven’t craved it…  yet at least. Speaking of scents, I LOVE MY HUSBANDS SCENT. I can always sniff him and fall asleep happily, but lately I am not sure why… some days I will literally have to face the other way and stick my nose in my shirt! I feel so mean saying that! I’m sure it’s just temporarily though. 🙂


Spoiled rotten

I usually am already spoiled by my husband and family BUT now its multiplied! My mom and mother in law send me food, sometimes healthy & sometimes not so much. My husband already typically caters to me but now it’s just a little more. Everytime he went to the store he would bring me chocolate! We would stop at a gas station and I would ask him to get me a water & nothing else because I wanted to watch  my weight… and here he comes out of the gasoline station with a HUGE Hersheys bar or Snickers. As time went on and the more weight I gained I eventually had to tell him I was seriously concerned about getting diabetes so he finally stopped. The only thing with getting spoiled is that I do feel like it might get old so I am trying not to take advantage because I still have 6 more months of this!

The gift of fertility

Another pro is realizing the gift it is to be able to hold a baby inside. As a child one of my biggest fears was not being able to have children and then when I had my miscarriage that only multiplied. So far everything is checking out to be fine and I feel like this is a true blessing and gift.

Other than that…

Pregnancy sucks! I love my baby but I feel miserable, useless, emotionally & physically drained! I also feel psychotic, over dramatic and extra sensitive. The list could go on I SWEAR!

Here are some pics… I’m not a skinny girl so my belly honestly just looks fat at this point. BUT you can see it when I lay down. 

And a pic of me with clothes



You’ll be updated with my second trimester soon! Bye now!



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