Valentines? Check Yes or No.

Unlike most holidays I feel like you either celebrate Valentines… or don’t. Tons of people have different opinions about this holiday and I LOVE THAT! So what’s your answer? Yes or No?


To be quite honest Ruben and I have never made a big deal about Valentines day. From the beginning I told him I didn’t want to celebrate the hallmark holiday. As we got older I celebrate it more each year! To be honest… Ruben isn’t a great gift-er… He always waits until last minute and since it’s last minute he ends up buying me expensive gifts.

I am more of someone who thinks about it for months. I actually bought his Valentines eve gift months ago! I planned on giving it to him on Valentines day but I could not hold it in!!!! Watch video below to see what I gave him.



YES!!! I couldn’t hold it in and wait because on the way home they kept mentioning it on the radio so I knew I couldn’t hold it in anymore and would end up ruining the surprise because secretly it’s something I want to go to too!

He was so surprised and said…. OMG! YOUR GIFT IS GONNA SUCK COMPARED TO THIS! I was like Woah Woah WOAH! This made me feel horrible. You see I was raised to never give something expecting something in return. DO NOT EVEN EXPECT A THANK YOU.

I had a talk with him and told him with everything that we have been though I am just happy to be with him. I don’t want or need chocolate. All I want to do on Valentines day is to eat pizza, have some wine and watch Grey’s Anatomy because nothing would make me happier than that. I do not want to get dressed up and go out and about as expected, I just want to eat, drink and cuddle because that’s what we always do.  That’s us.

Check YES!


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