2016 Wifey Life


Ruben and I have been together since 2008. Luckily we’ve been able to grow together so this page is going to be ALL about us as a couple. I do monthly challenges so here’s some scoop on how we stay best friends.

He is such a great husband I started a new thing in June where I surprise him with something. Once a week with small things and once a month with something big.

June: Bought tickets to the Ranger gave Vs Boston.


July: I finally changed my last name to Ortiz…


August:His big surprise this month was…  I bought us tickets to Boston!!!

September: I surprised him with Game tickets and our Airbnb in Boston where we got to explore the city!

October: our anniversary month


November: We went for a washer… convinced him I didn’t need it so he could get his TV. Technically it’s a gift to himself BUT it  was the best thing he got this month… All I did was throw him a birthday party for his birthday and buy him stuff for his PS2.



Surprised him with a date to the museum and watched the new StarWars in IMAX.


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