This was the first floral crown I made to sale and it was kind of a fail. I could not find baby’s breath ANYWHERE!!!! I ended up having to use fake mistletoe because that was all I could find! The rest of the material I found online on Amazon.

I started off with Floral wire and measured it around my head and then double wired it by twisted it together.

I wrapped it with floral tape and then wrapped it again with a thinner wrapped floral wire.

I then started trimming the foe flowers.


I also trimmed the flowers so they would be easy to put together once I started placing them on the crown.


I started by taping the foe flowers onto the base


I forgot to take the pictures but the next step was adding the pink flowers.

Afterwards I tied the ribbon on the end of the wire and twisted them around it so that it could fit anyone and the ribbon could add some femininity.



I had extra material so I made one for Kitty using the same steps but measured it on her head instead. It worked AMAZINGLY!


Yeah…. you’re welcome.




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