One of my friends asked me to make a floral crown for her friends baby shower.

I made one for my wedding literally minuted before I walked down the isle but never before then except for the little ones I make when I go camping using weeds and daisys.


Here’s a pic incase you want to see the one from my wedding day…



The one I made today was a little different and here’s what I used…

Floral tape, ribbon,wire, Christmas ornament hooks, baby’s breath and carnations

The absolute first thing I did was cut the flowers about an inch from the flower so it could be easier to mess with.


I then wrapped the wire; once measured around my head with the floral tape.



Then I tapped several pieces a baby’s breath together and then kept adding more and more pieces. I learned that it’s best if you make two separate pieces and then have them meet in the middle. I knotted the ribbon to each side of the wire so that it could be a tie-able crown.


After that I added flowers to the places that did not have bunches up baby’s breath. I added them by using the floral tape and some green wire I found (aka Christmas ornament hooks)



This was the final product. Clearly it does not match my outfit.



Hope you enjoyed this last minute & not well explained mini DIY.



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