1. Do you know what you want for Christmas already?

-Share what you want for Christmas.  ( This was extremely hard to fill out )

  1. A straightener
  2. Onesies
  3. To be skinny while eating the food I love.
  4. To look good without makeup

2. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? YES and thank God because I usually do it all last minute.

3. What is a family tradition you do every year? Besides opening gifts… nothing! We always do different things for Christmas.

4. Tell me something that makes you sad about Christmas? Being broke afterwards.

5. Do you like Christmas? Usually.

6. Will you see all of your family this Christmas? Yes. My immediate family anyways.

7. Whose house will you celebrate at this year? We split Christmas at Rubens and my family.

8. Is there someone in your family you are not looking forward to seeing this Christmas? If so who, and why? Because they might see this… I won’t share. NOT REALLY THOUGH!

9. Do you creatively wrap your presents for others? No, they usually look like a 10 year old wrapped them although I do try to match the wrapping paper.

10. What was the best Christmas gift you were ever given- not counting people, or children: —-

11. What is a Christmas wish you would give to someone else? A child. I’m kidding… I would want to give them the gift they want except I know thats a lame answer.

12. Whats the most money you ever spent on a gift for someone? Rubens anniversary gift to Boston was probably the most I have ever spent on anyone.

13. Do you decorate the tree early, or late? I don’t even have a tree. Last year I taped a outline of a Christmas tree to the wall. It got the job done.

14. Do you use tinsel? No.

15. Do you own any antique Christmas bulbs? No.

16. Have you ever been to NYC during the tree lighting? No. 😦

17. Do you put a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree? Star! I am the only angel allowed in my house.

18. Do you hang stockings? Yes. Last year I taped a outline of a chimney  just so  I could hang them up. It’s actually still up.

19. Funniest Christmas memory? Not getting a gift from my secret santa. It happened all the time in my family as a child but only to me! I have the worst luck.

20. Worst Christmas memory: Same answer as above

21. Do you drink eggnog? NO!

22. Have you eaten a candy cane this year yet? It’s December 3rd. Of course I have not!

23. Do you leave milk and cookies out for santa anymore? No.

24. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? It’s non existent.

25. Have you ever seen a drunk santa? Sadly no.

26. Do you have the Christmas spirit early this year? I didn’t until I went Target Friday!

27. What makes you jolly? Music and dancing.

28. Have you ever roasted chestnuts over an open fire? No. But I get them every time I go to Buc ee’s.

29. Have you ever worn a tacky Christmas sweater? Yep. And I plan to wear one next weekend at an ugly Christmas sweater party.
















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