YES. I named my dog Kitty. Now that we have moved passed this let me give you an update on her. Ruben and I got her off the side of the rode. By off the side of the rode I mean a lady had a sign saying puppies for sale and it was enough to make us stop. We instantly fell in love with her. We got her in August and she was perfect! Since then she has ruined about 5 pairs of shoes, a purse, our fence, a rug and the list goes on and on! She has been getting out during the day. ( We leave our dogs outside to play during the day and inside when we get home) Ezra; my older dog is trained and is the BEST dog we have ever had. Kitty… not so much. So since she has been so bad – escaping and all, I decided to put her in the bathroom yesterday. THE DOOR DOESN’T LOCK. This is MAJOR KEY to my point. SHE GOT OUT OF THE RESTROOM and made a huge mess! she broke makeup, peed on the floor, ruined our curtains etc.. Ruben got home to a big surprise! He cleaned it up and moved on with his day. Today I woke up late and Ruben reminded me to lock her in the restroom. (the restroom that doesn’t lock) SO I DID, I made sure it was closed and put the doggy fence AKA kiddy gate on the door! We had a replay of yesterday only the damage was multiplied by 10. The fuck up is ME! Not Kitty. Because I… yes I did not make sure she was securely locked up and let her ruin another $100 worth of stuff.I literally have two trash bags full of trash. If anyone learned their lesson… it was not Kitty. IT IS ME. Looks like we will be investing in Puppy Training.


Wish us all here at the Ortiz residence good luck.


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