This Month I decided to do Blogmas so here’s day 1!

I chose to do day one as a diary entry but plan on mixing it up for the rest of the month


Since December is extremely hard for me not to over eat, I decided to try working out in the morning. Since I go to a bootcamp type gym it is extremely easy to push myself.

Here’s an idea of what we did today for 4 rounds.


One of my friends challenged me to do a 30 min incline walk everyday so I did that right after… and I have proof!


Being the first of the month work was extremely busy so I was glad it went by fast!

I got home to a package – I ordered some stuff on cyber Monday.


Then after hanging out at home a bit Tania and I went to a see Moana. It was so CUTE!


Keeping our Thursday date night strong.

Then I went home tired AF and sleep. See ya’ll tomorrow!


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