Good bye 2016!!

My 2016 Motto: SAY YES AND FIGURE THE REST OUT LATER So, where did this take me? What did I conquer?   January Stayed home most of January because it was COLD!! February Our honeymoon on a cruise. March I started a blog!   April We went on a mini/ last minute road trip to San Antonio with Nat and Johnny.   May Hello Austin … Continue reading Good bye 2016!!

“Blogmas” Day 17: Some December workouts

I joined a challenge this month…. and only lost 1 pound! I worked out almost everyday but ate CRAP!!!! Food is my biggest struggle and I don’t expect to lose weight until I can get my diet straight course that means no nachos, burgers, pizza, alcohol, & etc..   Here’s some proof of workout…       Continue reading “Blogmas” Day 17: Some December workouts


It’s that time of the month again! IPSY GLAM TIME!!! 1st reaction….. ehhhhhhhhhh cccccccute THE BAG DOESN”T MATTER!!!! What’s inside?! BLUSHES!!!! YAAAAASSS I LOVE BLUSH DURING THE WINTER! (CITY COLOR: BE MATTE BLUSH) A CONCEALER!!! LOOKS MY COLOR TOO!  THIS ONE IS A WIN!!!! (NUDESTIX: Concealer pencil) A exfoliant can either be a win or lose…. We’ll have to find out with this one… face … Continue reading DECEMBER GLAM BAG: BLOGMAS DAY 13


This was the first floral crown I made to sale and it was kind of a fail. I could not find baby’s breath ANYWHERE!!!! I ended up having to use fake mistletoe because that was all I could find! The rest of the material I found online on Amazon. I started off with Floral wire and measured it around my head and then double wired … Continue reading DIY FLORAL CROWN: BLOGMAS DAY 12

BLOGMAS: 8, 9, 10 & 11

Thursday: December 8 An un eventful workday. I tried going shopping… and bought nothing. Other than that… nothing special happened that day. Friday: December 9 After work & after the gym I went out with Nat for her birthday and had a blast downtown!   Saturday: December 10 After my morning workout Ruben and I went to eat. Afterwards I did my first flower crown for … Continue reading BLOGMAS: 8, 9, 10 & 11