Biancadoes: Our Trip clips and our actual itinerary.

Here’s a little clip of our trip.

What we actually did… because we rarely actually follow our itinerary.

Wednesday: Day 1

Landed around 12:30 after only several hours of sleep because of last minute packing. As soon as we landed we took the Subway to Harvard Square where we got a lyft to our Airbnb. We go situated and went to Boston Square, walked to China town ate at Mr. Curlys. Lots of places to go and see downtown. After  that we went to our Airbnb and took a small nap. Around 7:30 we woke up to go to Graffiti Alley and enjoyed the hipstery & artsy area where we stopped at a African boutique and I got some cute earrings. Afterwards we went to a little bar in the area called Miracle of Science and then rushed home to watch American Horror Stories because I forgot to record it.

Thursday: Day 2:

We woke up around 8 and went to get Dunkin’ Donuts because Ruben had never been and wanted his first time to be in Boston. Afterwards we went on a Samuel Adams Brewery tour where we learned about beer and got a little tipsy. We met other people from Texas and went to Quincy Market with them. Their we grabbed a beer at Cheers and did some shopping before the game. We got an Uber to Wahlburgers and ate some delicious burgers. After that we rushed home to get ready for the game. We got lucky and went to one of the BEST games during the 4 game series and won with a walk off it. We celebrated at one of the bars near Fenway and went home pretty drunk.

Friday: Day 3

It was our last day and we were pretty hung over. We woke yo and rushed to the Harbor so that we could whale watch and ate hot dogs for breakfast. After the whale watching tour we walked to Quincy Market again to grab some pizza and last minute souvenirs. It got pretty chilly so we rushed home to grab a  sweater and took a short nap. We then went to The Lawn on D but the line WAS SO LONG! They were having some kind of festival so we decided to just go grab some food. We walked around for about an hour just exploring Boston and ended up at Davis Square where we had THE BEST BURGER! After that we decided to meet up with the friends we made and went to Harvard Square to drink some more. I would not recommend partying in Harvard Square. We ended up in Hong Kong a fun Urban bar & club. Everything closes at 2 so on our way out we remembered seeing a DJ in the street and went to go party with him! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We ended up grabbing snacks from CVS and heading home pretty late.

Saturday: “Half Day”

We literally woke up and went to the airport. THE HANG OVER WAS UN REAL! I napped most of the plane ride. We got home pretty early (around 4) and I ended up going to the boxing match with my dad and didn’t get home until around 2. Needless to say I slept Most of Sunday.


The trip was so much fun! I didn’t expect to have so much fun and I assume that’s why I did.

Lesson Learned: Have ZERO expectations and great things will happen.


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