Biancadoes: Day 3 of Boston.

It’s our last day!!!!! We slept in later then usual due to the day prior. Then we rushed to the harbor. We had planned to get breakfast but had no time and just grabbed hot dogs. As soon as we arrived we had to board the ship for whale watching.

As we were leaving we had an awesome view of the city.

guys…. We actually saw whales!   

Afterwards as we were trying to find food we ran into this area that had the Chinese zodiac heads… So cool. Kinda creepy if you didn’t know it was the zodiac stuff.

Both of ours were right next to each other. ❤

We ended up back at the Quincy Market. And ate some pizza. DUH.

We rushed home to take a nap… Never go whale watching while being hungover. The watching part is awesome but the ship is very… Very shaky.

We then rushed to lawn on d but they had a concert or something and it took FOREVER to get in…. So we skipped it.and went to grab some food at Boston Burger in Davis Square.

I definitely prefer Boston subways over New York.

We went to Boston burgers on Davis Square! The bugers were so unique and delicious.

Afterwards we met our friends at Harvard Square

Now… Honestly… If I was to redo a trip to Boston I wouldn’t want to party in Harvard Square. It was sort of hard to find a good place. We ended up at Hong Kong a bar that was probably the best one in the area.

 Everything closes at 2 but this Dj got the corner lit. And we danced until about 3:30 before the cops shut it down. And that is how we ended our night.

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