Biancadoes: August Favs

Clothed Bea:


Kale Shirt: I got this at Plato’s Closet. Definitely the best $5.00 buy of the month.


Pink Leggings: Um HELLO! YAAAAAASSSS!! Perfect workout pants!

Made-up Bea:


Banana Setting Powder: Got this in my Glam bag and thank God! Now I don’t have to use my huge Banana powder bottle! This helps my shine (oiliness)HARD CANDY

Hard Rock Concealer: Only 6 bucks from Wal-Mart and it covers tattoos! It is compared to Kat Von D’s Concealer

Techno Bea:


My Fitbit charge broke, I waited about a week to see if I could live without it. Turns out I could not so a week later I got The Fitbit Blaze! I absolutely love it! It looks amazing and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It is an upgrade worth its money. The workout idea is my fav.

Hungry Bea:


I have been lucky to work with Clearly Kombucha but this month I was able to sample their new Clearly Botanicals…. You guys! They are so refreshing I love them! My all time favorite one is the Turmeric Cardamom.

LA Premiere of “AT ANY PRICE”   I am new to hummus but these are the I have tried several different hummus’s this month and although I like a sriracha one.. I seem to come back to these. They are a great snack that fills me up and I don’t feel too guilty eating. Good to grab on the go and they sell them everywhere!


I HAVE BOUGHT A BAG OF THESE EVERY WEEK OF AUGUST. They are the perfect mix! I can not stop raving about them; several of my snap chat followers have bought them and thanked me for introducing them to the Chicago mix!


My favorite one to grab is the one with the chocolate  & nut clusters because it satisfies my chocolate craving without over-doing it. They are pact with protein and easy to grab on the go. I usually grab 3-6 when I go grocery shopping because I use them as pre-workouts.


look      We do not have many macaroon places near me so I have to go to the mall or central market in order to get macaroons… BUT not any more! I found these in the freezer isle at Wal-mart! They were only $7.00 and worth it.

Outing Bea:


I worked a lot this month so I didn’t have much time to go anywhere. However one night I did go to Melt in Fort Worth and I am already looking forward to my next visit. The waffle cones have different flavors! Of course I got the honey one and an ice cream flavor that I can not remember- but it was delicious! The atmosphere was great especially when your with friends. Dey accompanied me, in fact she is the one who knew of the place. Thanks Dey!

 ♥ ♥ ♥


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