Biancadoes a Vlog… kind of

So I have always wanted to vlog but the Snap Chat came along and that was it I FELL IN LOVE. But now I am trying to actually vlog because Snap Chats go away after 24 hours and then I can never re-see them. I know it’s not the best vlog ever but at least I started! I can not wait to see how much … Continue reading Biancadoes a Vlog… kind of

Biancadoes August Challenge

Vlogging: I’ve always wanted to youtube & vlog so this month I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! I may not have the highest quality camera or computer to edit on but I have to start somewhere. So keep an eye out for vlogs!! I am so excited to finally do it for real!!    2 a days: During the month of July I started a … Continue reading Biancadoes August Challenge