Biancadoes Meal Prepping Ideas

My goal with meal prepping is to make meals that are ready to go. This helps me not have to buy food or choose unhealthy choices. I’ve done meal prepping before and stuck to chicken and rice… IT GETS BORING & OLD FFAASSTT! So this time I decided to do it a little different and try different foods.

Here’s some of the foods that I prepped.

Cool time: Takes time to cool before you can fridge.

Prep time: Takes time to prep

Med. Time: Takes less than 2 min

Easy: Grab and Go

I put a ♥ next to my favorites. Hope you like them.

♥Pork Loin Filet: (Cool Time)

2 carbs 5 fat 20 protein (4 grams)


♥Sweet Potato: (Prep & Cool Time)

26.8 Carbs, 2.1 Protein, .01 Fat   

( I like it a little crispy but this is my new FAV.)


Ground Turkey & Green Pepper: (Defrost & Cool Time)

1.5g Carbs, 20g Protein, 9.4g Fat (4 grams)


♥Cucumber and a splash of lime: (Med. Time)

( I peel and put in sip lock bags for an easy grab and go snack)

1.9 Carbs, .8 Protein, .1 Fats

Boiled eggs: (Cool Time)

( I peel and put in Ziplock bags for an easy grab and go snack)

.5g Carbs, 6g Protein, 5g Fats (per egg)


♥P3: (EASY)

(You can get these 3 for 5 most places. Some have chocolate & it is perfect for my sweet cravings without over doing it)

3g Carbs, 13g Protein, 3g Fats



Muscle Milk: (EASY)

(NOT the best protein shake while carb cycling ((lots of carbs)) trying to finish is so I can get a different one.)

9g Carbs, 16g Protein, 2g Fat


♥Chobani: (EASY -HI CARB)

27g carbs, 12 Protein, 6 Fats



Tuna: (EASY)

20g carbs, 18g Protein, 3g Fats


These are just some ideas of foods to eat instead of the typical veggies, rice and chicken.



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