Biancadoes Carb Cycling

When I started training at Savage Training they suggested that I start carb cycle-ing. I “Couldn’t do it” because I love food. I saw everyone’s results with it but I know it was tons of work & it is. But even though I have been working out sometimes 2 times a day and eating better I managed to gain weight so I figured I should give it a try.I officially finished my first week. My diet includes of…

  • LOW: 36g CARBS, 135-145g PROTEIN, 35-40g FATS
  • MEDIUM: 90g CARBS, 135-145g PROTEIN, 55-60g FATS
  • HIGH: 295g CARBS

Monday:Medium    Tuesday: Low    Wednesday: Medium    Thursday:Low     Friday:Medium    Saturday:High Sunday: Low

                        I weigh between 180 and 185 pounds so that’s how I got my numbers. Here’s the chart our gym goes off of.


Here’s to give you an idea of what I eat in a day…


My fitbit broke so I havent been able to see how many calories, steps or stairs I have done but I will continue my journey. I will make it a point to snap pictures of my meals and maybe share recipes in a future blog.

Wish me luck.


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