Biancadoes a life update


I have been MIA because my life has gotten so crazy! I started doing 2 boot camps! 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon.This makes it hard to blog because after my morning workout I clean and meal prep for the day, then go to work . When I come home I clean and get ready for my afternoon class and by the time I come home it is 9! I don’t even go to bed until 11! I started carb cycling (it is HARD) and I actually gained weight and then… MY FITBIT BROKE I also got glasses FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It is taking some getting used to!! Because so much is going on I have so much to blog about I am really missing out here! I have 3 blogs coming soon.

Biancdoes Carb Cycle

Biancadoes Wear Glasses

Biancadoes 2-A-Days

Biancadoes Gains Weight

Hope you guys are looking forward to them! Subscribe so that you can get notified when I do upload them!

♥ you nuggets


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