Biancadoes: Weight Update

My goal is to be healthy, to be fit, to feel good in my own body. Although I struggle loving my body, I am learning to love it. I have lost about 20 pounds but it has been a struggle. I JUST LOVE FOOD SO MUCH! CCHIICCKKEENN NNUGGEETTSS!!! Last month I started a bootcamp and gained 3 pounds. I was so discouraged, I ACTUALLY WENT EVERYDAY MON.-THU. (those are the times offered) And other people who started at the same time have me have lost 5+ pounds. I just don’t understand how I can outlast them but they loose more weight than me. It’s a bit discouraging. Especially because I ended up ripping one of my favorite pants ( I hope it’s muscle). Instead of just quitting I decided to join another workout class. So now I am trying to do 2 workout classes at least 3 times a week and then just 1 class the rest of the week and resting Sunday. IT IS KILLER! I am gaining strength and endurance but I am not loosing weight. Today is the last time I weigh myself this month because IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Although loosing weight is not my goal… I hope it happens naturally. My Body seems to retain weight in my arms and thighs. I am a bit curvy and I do not mind my hips, BUT MY ARMS! That is a no-no!

Anyways here’s a chart of my progress over the last year. On my Fitbit my weight loss goal is 175 but of course once I reach that goal I will change it to what I think it should be at that point.

Today we maxed out and I bench pressed 80 pounds and dead lifted 165 I hope to improve!

                                                                             Wish me luck!


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