Biancadoes August Challenge

  1. Vlogging: I’ve always wanted to youtube & vlog so this month I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! I may not have the highest quality camera or computer to edit on but I have to start somewhere. So keep an eye out for vlogs!! I am so excited to finally do it for real!!


  1.  2 a days: During the month of July I started a boot camp in the afternoon called $5 Boot Camp.  I started mid month and by the end of the month I GAINED 3 POUNDS! I was a bit discouraged but I also ate junk. My pants didn’t fit me, they were too tight at the thighs and I actually ripped 2 pairs. Our coach reassured me it was because we have been doing lots of squats with weights. I joined another boot camp. BUT I didn’t quit the $5 boot camp. This month I am trying to do a 2-a day workout so I will workout in the morning and then again after work – both a boot camp style.


3. Diet: At the new boot camp (Savage Boot Camp) they measured me and talked about my diet. I explained to him that I LIVE FOR FOOD! So he convinced me to do carb cycling. I am already looking forward to Saturday -My high carb day. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a blog on carb cycling.


I am not sure how my body will take this but it is worth a shot. We are going to Boston in September and  LA in October so I want to look fly!  I will post pictures during the month on how my workout and diet is going and re-cap with you guys at the end of August!



Wish me luck!


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