Biancadoes: A Successful Weekend

FRIYAY: Pitbull Concertimg_20160723_031635.jpg

I am definitely getting better at my make-up!





Picture with my Bestie ♥

(She is the one who HAD to see Pitbull and Prince Royce)


Here’s one with Cuca ♥

Friends Since High School, together in drill team.

Recently we have been getting close again- SHE IS SUPER SWEET



We went to Buffalo Bros. with Natt and Johnny for the first time EVER! The PIZZA, WINGS and FRIES were BAE! We are already planning and going again!

Here’s my OOTD and a pic of Ashley and I at the party. We lost a game of beer pong and who ever lost had to jump in the pool… We kept our word.


We actually stayed in all day, I did a short demo for Clearly Combucha at Sprouts around 2 but cam back home right after. My lovely husband cleaned the house to surprise me and we ordered pizza and watched Netflix the rest of the day.

We also found cheap flight tickets to LA for October. So we will see if we can get off!




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