Biancadoes Challenge Update

So we all know I am new at this whole blog thing but you guys… I am doing so good at my challenges!

Trying to look good: I am still looking BLAH during the week but I have gotten so better at putting on makeup!!!!! I look super cute on the weekends. 😉 I also started going to Boot Camp with a friend of mine. I fell way more energized and happy. Soar…. but happy.

OOTD: I have taken pictures everyday and I will post them ALL on one blog on August 1st. Here’s a sneak peak…

Blogging once a week: CHECK!
Doing DIY’s: I have been doing DIY’s but haven’t really been blogging them  (I am slacking on this one)
Wifeylifey Challenge: I am ROCKING! I changed my last name on every important document! But I actually got him two gifts this month. I BOUGHT US TICKETS TO BOSTON. Ruben has always wanted to go to Boston to watch a game so of course I had to do it. I got us tickets for the week they play the Yankees. Now we all know we are not rich, so I figured next month his surprise would maybe be tickets to the game or I will pay for our stay at the hotel. I can not wait for you guys to see how it goes because of course I am bringing you guys with me!


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