Biancadoes changes her last name

For those of you that don’t know, Ruben and I got married October 3, 2015. However I still hadn’t changed my name until today! So now that I officially have his last name as my own on every important document, I figured I would show some pictures! Not all of them, of course because I have sooooo many!

So instead, here’s a few of them for you…


This photo was before we started dating. We were just friends, but the fact that I could give piggy backs impressed him. In fact I gave him one after this and I’m sure it’s what made him realize that he liked me.

This was our first date alone! We went to the movies and took pictures in a photo booth. We had no idea what we were getting into!

(Excuse the blurriness; this was 8 years ago taken from photo booth. I actually had to go to MySpace to get this! Lol)

This is our first trip together in Colorado, but technically it wasn’t just us. We had gone with our church group to Young Life. We were maybe 16 and 17 years old here.

For my 20th birthday we went to Sea World. This time it was just us two and when we came back from our vacation, we moved in together. After we moved in, we got our first dog Ezra.


Last but not least, we got married!!!! (Took seven years but… we got married)

 And as of today I officially have his last name!

This all happened in a seven year span…

So now goodbye Olivo


❤Ortiz ❤


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