Biancadoes gets a puppy and names it…. Kitty

We got a new puppy today!!! Her name is kitty and she’s a Corgi & Dachshund mix. She was not planned, we were actually going to the pet store to get food for Sangria and Coors and a lady was selling her and her siblings outside. Ruben and I never miss a free opportunity when it comes to petting puppies. I LOVE PUPPY BREATH! So after talking to the lady a bit we found out she was mixed with Corgi and Ruben face lit up!!!! He’s been wanting a corgi since our last dog Cha Cha who was a corgi mix passed away.

He didn’t want to admit that he wanted her but he kept telling me if I wanted her he would buy her for me (even after declining multiple times). I finally said yes I want her and we brought her home. Ruben was in a gifting mood today and this isn’t normal but everything I said I wanted today he bought for me. It was super sweet!

Here’s some pics of his best buy.

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