Biancadoes July OOTD

One of my challenges this month was to actually care about my appearance so I decided to do a OOTD challenge to see how it went. I started off really  good and then… I ended mostly in jeans and Tee’s as usual. BUT I did get better at putting on makeup. I also colored my hair & IT WAS A GOOD CHANGE. These are all mirror pics but I hope to get better for you guys. Hope you like them.

July 2nd: OVERALLS from Platos Closet w/ converse




July 3rd: One piece from image w/ juicy jeans & w/  thrift belt
20160704_121301-1.jpg July 4th: Thrift top & shorts from Image 
July 5th: Top from Ross w/ Jessica Simpson jeans

July 6th: H&M top with black ripped jeans

 Missed July 7th

July 8th: Gap T & Jeans w/ flannel

Just added Jean shorts. And I high pony tail.

July 9th: RL men’s Tee with shorts

Threw on a one piece and swapped for jeans. Pool party ready.

July 10th. Lazy Sunday just threw on a vacay tee with black shorts.

July 11th: Just threw on jeans and a under armor shirt for this Monday.

July 12th. H&M top with juicy jeans

July 13th. Green tee and jeans. (pop that hip guuuurl)

14th. Texas Tee with boots and flannel. Hair in a braid & pony tail.

July 15th: y’all tee with ripped jeans.

That nights I just changed into a t-shirt

July 17th: forgt to take an outfit pic but here’s a sefie

 July 18th: Colombian mens Tee with shorts

July 19th: Belk blouse & Levis jeans

July 20th: Grey Tee and jeans

excuse the mess…. Kitty has been making a mess while we’re at work.

July 21st: Mens Tee with ripped jeans

July 22nd: Pant suit with jean jacket

Went to Pitbull concert with a basic black dress & heels

 July 23rd: Graphic Tee with high waisted shorts…  & DIY choker

SKIP JULY 23rd -27

July 29th: VS top and bralette with Jeans


July 29th: Thrift store tee with jeans

I worked promos this weekend and wore my uniform so I didn’t take any pictures for you guys since it was just black pants and a work Tee.

Nails of the month…


Next time I hope not to skip any days. WISH ME LUCK!!

Thanks Nuggets ♥


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