Biancadoes: A Successful Weekend

FRIYAY: Pitbull Concert I am definitely getting better at my make-up!   OOTN Picture with my Bestie ♥ (She is the one who HAD to see Pitbull and Prince Royce) Here’s one with Cuca ♥ Friends Since High School, together in drill team. Recently we have been getting close again- SHE IS SUPER SWEET SATURDAY: We went to Buffalo Bros. with Natt and Johnny for the first … Continue reading Biancadoes: A Successful Weekend

Biancadoes Challenge Update

So we all know I am new at this whole blog thing but you guys… I am doing so good at my challenges! Trying to look good: I am still looking BLAH during the week but I have gotten so better at putting on makeup!!!!! I look super cute on the weekends. 😉 I also started going to Boot Camp with a friend of mine. … Continue reading Biancadoes Challenge Update

Biancadoes changes her last name

For those of you that don’t know, Ruben and I got married October 3, 2015. However I still hadn’t changed my name until today! So now that I officially have his last name as my own on every important document, I figured I would show some pictures! Not all of them, of course because I have sooooo many! So instead, here’s a few of them … Continue reading Biancadoes changes her last name

Biancadoes gets a puppy and names it…. Kitty

We got a new puppy today!!! Her name is kitty and she’s a Corgi & Dachshund mix. She was not planned, we were actually going to the pet store to get food for Sangria and Coors and a lady was selling her and her siblings outside. Ruben and I never miss a free opportunity when it comes to petting puppies. I LOVE PUPPY BREATH! So … Continue reading Biancadoes gets a puppy and names it…. Kitty

Biancadoes the Military Diet

What do you eat? Day 1.  BF: 1/2 Grapefruit 1 Slice of Toast 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter 1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine) LUNCH: 1/2 Cup of Tuna 1 Slice of Toast 1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine) DINNER: 3 ounces of any type of meat 1 cup of green beans 1/2 banana 1 small apple 1 cup of vanilla ice cream Day 2  BF: 1 … Continue reading Biancadoes the Military Diet