Biancadoes packs for New York

I absolutely hate packing!!! In fact I always do it the day of! I figured since it’s New York I should probably try not look homeless.

Here’s what I packed…


Converse: Outlet ($40.00)
Flannel: Local thrift store ($4.00)
Dress: Ross ($12.00)
Hat: Local thrift store ($3.00)


Because I have to rep Texas.
Top: Kohl’s ($18.00)
Leggings: Khol’s ($8.00)
Nikes: Academy ($45.00)


Lace & Sheer top: TJ-Maxx ($9.99)
Jeans: Juicy Couture ($36.00)
Flip Flops: Lauren Conrad ($12.00)
Wedges: Forever21 ($20.00)
Shades: Aldo ($16.00)
Bracelets: Cato (>$3.00 each)


Black Jeans: Khol’s ($12.00)
Olive V-neck: Ross- Occasion ($6.00)
Necklaces: Cato (>$5.00 each)
Converse: ($40.00)


Olive dress: VIBE athletics ($12.00)
Grey cardigan: Simply Vera ($8.00)
Converse: ($40.00)


Nike shirt: Nike ($20.00)
Flannel: Jc Penny ($8.00)
Workout pants: Ross ($15.00)
Nikes: Academy ($45.00)


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