Biancadoes on a budget

The more money you make the less you have to spend? If that doesn’t make sense to you, let me explain. The more money you have the more places you want to go. When out you realize what’s in so you want new clothes. When you get new clothes you want to show it off! SO YOU HAVE TO GO OUT. And then you also have the stuff you should really care about like to get a place to sleep, a car to go to these places in and with these things come bills, maintenance and gas. IT ALL ADS UP QUICKLY! Now if you like to travel…. your budget just got smaller. You can’t travel if you spend all your money going to clubs the way most 20 year olds do… So here are some things I do when I am on a budget but still want to socialize.

-I could have used pictures off Pinterest but thought actual pictures would help you get to know me better since I am still new at this.


I live in Texas! We have so many parks and hiking trails! It’s fun to find new parks and new trails but once you’ve explored and know the park… You have to find a new one! Or go off the trails like Dey and I .     We get scared when we hear any crunch & we usually don’t get far before we’re running back to the trails.


Drinking out can get expensive but cheap wine is actually pretty effective. IT GETS THE JOB DONE & you can always stay over if you get too drunk

Normally when we go out as a group we buy rounds… (This could be up to $75.00- $100 each round) But when we drink at home (or at a friends house) The guys usually just bring 6,18 or 24 pack depending on how the week went. ITS ALOT CHEAPER & once again,,, EFFECTIVE.


If you’re like me- YOU PINTEREST WHEN YOUR BORED. It’s always fun to try new things and with things like Pinterest you might not even have to buy anything! You might already have everything you need . So this could literally cost nothing OR you could spend up to whatever your budget allows. (In this picture Dey is making Agua de Melon)


Like most girls you might already have most of this stuff…. (Nail polish, face masks, pedicure supplies & Etc.) Have you and your girlfriends bring out their favorite colors and take turns painting each others nails. It’s nice to pamper the people you love.


If you’re up for it. Why not? Some piercings can be as cheap as $20.


When you’re a girl going out is always cheap. Especially in Austin, Bring out those heels!


Find a movie theater near you! Most movie theaters have specials during the week & tickets can be as low as $4.00.

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