Biancadoes a Road Trip to San Antonio

Ruben and I have dedicated this year to traveling. We haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon in February. So Thursday night we decided to join some friends on a road trip to San Antonio, Texas. We got home from work, threw our clothes together y nos fuimos.
20160401_193130-2 (1)We had absolutely NO PLANS besides just going with the flow.  We went to the River Walk…. one word. BEAUTIFUL! The following picture was early morning during my jog before everything opened. I definitely recommend going to the river walk if you stop in San Antonio.Snapchat-5632258652242591743
We walked around the city and decided to do the Ripley’s Believe It or Not package. It is kind of geared towards kids and is something I would recommend for families but Ruben and I are children at heart and really enjoyed it! It is literally on the street across the Alamo. We wanted to do this the last time we went but did not have enough time. Glad we didn’t miss it this time!           
Snapchat-8560546157999643226What else is there to do on a Saturday night besides going out and getting drunk? I mean we are in our twenties…. that’s what were supposed to do right? We went Downtown with no idea where to go so we just walked around until we found On The Rocks Pub. Ruben (my husband) LUUUUUVS PUBS! This place was perfect, we had planned to bar hop but had so much fun here we stayed the whole night!

(Right to Left: Ruben, Me, Nat and Johnny)Snapchat-270597354540219200

On our way home (a 4 and a half hour drive) we passed a Snake Farm Zoo that Ruben suggested we go to next time. I looked at him and said NEXT TIME!? Let me turn this car around! Why next time when we could go now? The place looked like a whole in the wall Zoo in New Braunfels.  None of my pictures could do this place justice! They had a ton of snakes a petting Zoo and surprisingly plenty of exotic animals. Admission was only 12 dollars and they had cheap food for the petting zoo and even maggots for the chickens and other animals. IT WAS VERY INTERACTIVE. I thought the Fort Worth Zoo was awesome but this one had less animals but I felt was 10x’s better for only having a few animals. I would definitely be coming back once I have kids so they could feed the animals. We got to see the Zoo-keepers feed the Hyenas, wolfs and Bobcats from only feet away!



Some history Ruben and I have in San Antonio.

For My 20th Birthday Ruben and I planned a trip to Sea World that we thought my family was going to join us on. Last minute my parents were un-able to go but Ruben had already bought our tickets and got a hotel. My parents told me I was not allowed to go anymore since they couldn’t go. I WAS NOT ABOUT TO DITCH RUBEN! He had already bought the tickets so I decided to go anyways. During our trip my parents told me I was not able to come home and to enjoy my honeymoon! WHAT THE HECK! I KNOW!!!! We enjoyed our trip and the night I came home I moved in with Ruben and his parents! Six months later we decided to get our own place and since then we have been living together, we’ve got married and have 2 more years until our house is paid! So San Antonio is a place we have many memories in even though we have only gone twice together.


Till Next Time!



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