♥Our life

We used to spend every dime we made and more on traveling, experiences, and we just wanted to see the world & learn about things you can’t learn in a text book.

THEN we got pregnant & it all changed BUT a whole new adventure began!



When Adelah turned was 6 months we took a family trip to Sea World


& in September ( when she was 9 months) we took a trip with our friends & kids to Oklahoma



We loved it so much we went again this summer with my Family ♥


But before this we usually traveled with friends… not kids


In California I learned that I LOVE THE VIEW OF MOUNTAINS.



On this Austin trip I  learned that it’s important to have girl friends


New Braunfels taught me to enjoy the view instead of focusing on a picture.


Boston made me realize I do not want to live in a huge City.


It also taught me to be open to meeting friends when traveling.


While Camping in Arkansas I learned how sensitive my skin was


In New York I learned how to stay true to myself with people I don’t know.


Our Honeymoon taught me that Rubens idea of a vacation is napping.


The only way to do Vegas is to Drink, Nap & Repeat


Our Family trip to Destin, Florida reminded me that I HATE DRIVING


That sand is ANNOYING I remember saying on this vacation that I never wanted kids…


Sea World was my FIRST ALONE vacation with Ruben… After this I got kicked out.

& it was the best “mistake” I’ve ever made.


Colorado = Where I found God w/ the love of my life ♥


Ruben and I are just trying to balance everything and hope to travel soon but things have changed. We are currently trying to pay off as much debt as possible and buy a new house with more bedrooms so we can grow our family! Unfortunately, traveling is not in our budget so you won’t be seeing much traveling things anymore BUT I do plan on vlogging more so…. there’s that to look forward to!