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These are not cracks on my heart, these are stretchmarks

In life we go through challenges, hard times & heart breaks

We also go through happy, loving, beautiful times and moments

This leaves scars that will  be with us forever

Your heart may grow and shrink leaving us with stretch marks

but those stretch marks stay with us

letting us grow even bigger than it was before

But these are not the ones to hate

These are the ones we want

The darker and stronger ones are the ones allow our heart to be the biggest

Sometimes our heart may get smaller…

But seeing those stretchmarks is a reminder of what once was

and what is soon to be


Anytime I go through a tough/rough patch (Because that does happen) I tell myself this will pass…. I will get out of this, it will get better.

Bianca, you are just in a funk and this will pass & it does. No matter how low or bad you feel. Time does not stop, the world will keep going and it might take time but you will surpass this!

When I am going through a tough time it’s easy to think that it will be the end of the world. Once you realize this (Because it takes a while sometimes to realize you’re going on a downward spiral) but if you stop & step back and really think about it… this technique will help.